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How Fast the Facebook Matching Grant Runs Out on #GivingTuesday

I was wondering how long that $2M matching grant from the Gates Foundation lasted for today’s #givingtuesday on Facebook. With a $50k limit per nonprofit, 40 orgs could have used it all up in the first couple hours starting at 8:00am Eastern Time.

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7 reasons I use #chatnotes to share valuable resources & links

I stumbled upon something valuable from hangin’ out with millennials and we’ve discovered another way to use social media in a generous and productive way.

Here’s how it goes down. When I’m meeting up with people and having an engaging conversation, I’ll do a public Facebook check-in on my timeline and tag the place and person I’m meeting with and use the hashtag #chatnotes. Then, as we talk about things and mention useful resources and links, we’ll add comments to that post! (Apparently, invented the hashtag back in November 2015.)

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Bringing Peace to Facebook

by Stefan Schmidt We are poised for an interesting New Year. Many important issues are being discussed in a wide variety of places. One of the hubs for discussion, for many, is Facebook. What do Jesus, John Gottman and Explosives Have to do With Facebook? Facebook has great potential to bring a wide variety of […]

Private or Public – Is this For Me Alone?

This morning’s post is something of a confession. As my blog and facebook prayers continue to grow in popularity I find myself constantly wanting to harness my thoughts, to remember my prayers and confine my imaginings so that I can share them with others.  I love writing and I love sharing and I know that this is […]

List of most popular Facebook pages of churches and ministries

What are the Facebook pages for churches and ministries with the most likes, aka fans? As we’ve entered the post-billion era of Facebook (the social network that surpassed 1 billion monthly active users on October 4th, 2012),  it’s time to update my previously manually-compiled list of top churches on Facebook back in February 2011.Read more

Prayers for the Journey

The light of God shines through

The light of God shines through

Last week I did not have an opportunity to post my weekly list of prayers from facebook and twitter, so I thought that I would get a head start and post them early this week. Some of them are drawn from the liturgies that we used at the Celtic retreat so are a little longer than usual.

God awaken us to Jesus, give us his passion for prayer,

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Prayers for the Journey

earth touches heaven

Earth touches heaven – photo by Coe Hutchison

Here is my weekly round up of facebook prayers. I appreciate those of you who let me know when and how you use them in worship services and for your own daily prayers. Blessings and and enjoy!

Lord Jesus Christ may we come to you,

With grateful hearts and thankful spirits,

May we come willing to obey, to trust to serve,

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Prayers for the Journey

Once again we are at the end of the week and I am bringing together the prayers that I have posted on facebook each day.

God you are the everlasting one and I long for you
Jesus you are the ever caring one and I reach out for your embrace
Spirit you are the ever faithful one and my heart aches for your love


Lord Jesus Christ may we sing for the wonder of your love

May we shout for the beauty of creation

May we exalt over your presence in all things

And never forget your faithfulness


God may we today be unwavering in our calling,

May we serve you with our whole hearts gladly,

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Prayers for the Journey

Today’s post is a little late in coming because it is such a beautiful day here in Seattle that I have been out in the garden all morning which inspired the first prayer here. However I have also included the other prayers I have posted on facebook during the week.

God may we look and see,

Each plant, each creature, each handful of dirt,

God breathed, God inspired, God created.

May we look and see the beauty,

And know that God says “It is very good”


May we wrestle with God in the toughest places,

And not turn away from life’s challenges.

May we allow God to tear apart our self made strengths,

And in our vulnerable weakness meet God face to face.

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