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CVC 305 Human Resources Resources

Articles, Blogs, and News


This table of contents has chapter headings that relate to the hiring process.

"Revitalizing Your Auxiliary" by Russel Strom

This outline helps ministries determine if they should have an auxiliary.

Alex Ashwood Study Guide

This document is a good resource for learning how to delegate responsibilities in ministries.

Job Analysis Interview Form

This document is a questionnaire for employees.

The Women's Auxiliary compiled by James Harriger

This document explains important aspects of auxiliaries.

Study Guide for Chap. 7 of the Gospel Rescue Mission Update "Internal Business & the Mission Community"

This study guide contains helpful questions for members of Christian communities.

Sample Staff Manual for Urban Ministries

This example of a manual is a helpful resource.

The Ministry of Volunteers presented by Craig Vincent and Al Newell

This document assists employees of a rescue mission and gives them guidance on how to use discernment and wisdom from Jesus when using volunteers.

Ten Mistakes Organizations Make to Kill Volunteer Ministry Impact by Al and Wendy Newell

This document lists ten mistakes that ministries make when working with volunteers.

Working Together in Harmony: How to Get the Job Done Without Killing Your People by Sylvia Nash

Human resource managers should use this tool when working with potential hires and current employees.