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FAQs regarding Sustainability

Over the past few years, youth leaders have asked some wonderful and tough questions that have helped us to grow as an organization.Read more

Video: Re-Thinking Christmas

For a few years now, we've been sharing this video with you. The folks at Urban Entry have included it in the DVD "UE1: Anything Helps?..." It's a refreshing concept of meeting the needs of the community and giving the gift of dignity at the same time. Take a look...
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Iconocast Episode 15: Cornel West

In this episode, co-hosts Eliacin and Mark speak with one of America’s most celebrated and controversial public intellectuals: Dr. Cornel West. Dr. West is an African American philosopher, author, critic, actor, and civil rights activist. West currently serves as the Class of 1943 University Professor at Princeton University, where he teaches in the Center for African American Studies and in the department of Religion.Read more

God may we in all things seek you

We are now at CCDA (reports to follow) and as so often happens when I travel I find that writing prayers is very therapeutic for me.  Here is one I wrote during our flights as I thought about all that I am looking forward to at this conference – the challenging presentations, the renewal of friendships and the opportunity to meet new people in particular.

God may we in all things seek you

God may we in all things praise you

God may we in all things know you

Remold us, remake us build us into you

Christ may we in all things seek you

Christ may we in all things praise you

Christ may we in all things know you

Remold us, remake us build us into you

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Looking For Friends at Greenbelt and CCDA

Autumn is coming and Tom and I are on the move again – ratcheting up those water consumptive miles. So we want to make sure that every mile counts by getting together with friends at our various destinations

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Trying to Figure Out Who We Are

Three recent articles have got me thinking about the current state of the American church. Each article explores issues related to the mission and future of specific subgroups and movements within the church. The various groups, one racial and the others formed around doctrinal and ecclesiological emphases, seem to reflect where we are today as a body—desperately searching for an identity and purpose that aligns us with God’s call, but sadly fragmented and self-centered in our attempts to get there.

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Profile of New Song Community Church


Profile of New Song Community Church


by Krista Petty (FASTEN, 2007)


Resource Type: Instructional profile.

This congregation’s story offers lessons for others about how even a relatively small church can have huge influence by following CCDA’s 3 Rs model and emphasizing indigenous leadership development, partnerships, and long-term incarnational ministry.


Audience: This will be helpful for church planters and church leaders ready to commit to a long-term focus on holistic community development in a particular neighborhood



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