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Youth in Action

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P.o.Box 12110 Banana
Dar es salaam, 255

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Mission Statement

Tanzania Youth in Action is committed to ensure that community members, especially youth and children, live decent lives and they are not deprived of their rights to livelihoods through involvement and understanding of their legal rights. For achieving this, Youth in Action advocate for the rights of the youth and support girls and children's rights, as well as a high level of awareness about legal rights for both boys and girls .


Youth in Action is a non-profit organisation that work to better the lives of the youth both girls and boys ages 12-23 in Tanzania
Our main programs are

Organizational Statement of Faith

We believe that every one the society has a right to have a good life be respected and valued, every one is entitled to the basic human rights .

Program Type

Youth Program

Denominational Affiliation

Protestant, Evangelical, Non-denominational

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Organizational Partner

Feed the Children, FASTEN, Christian Community Development Association (CCDA), Center for Youth Studies