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Premium Member Benefits

Recruit More Volunteers through Featured Volunteer Listings

Recruit more volunteers by having your volunteer opportunities featured at the top of volunteer searches. Studies show that only 30% of web users even scroll beyond the first screen, so having your listings featured first on searches could dramatically increase your chances of getting volunteers.

All TechMission Members receive this benefit automatically upon signup.

Nonprofit Group Buying Discounts

  • Discounted Unemployment Insurance: TechMission has partnered with an organization that provides an nonprofit cooperative as an alternative to paying state unemployment insurance cost.  An organization with personnel expenses of $150,000 might save $5,000 in unemployment fees.
  • Group Buying Discounts: TechMission has a number of partnerships with group buying vendors, which provide discounts to hundreds of businesses. The average organization can reduce their administrative costs by up to 20%. This benefit is available only to organizational TechMission members, not individuals. Some of the vendors and categories include:FedEx (30% discount),  OfficeMax (5-20% discount), Home Depot, Insight and Tiger Direct for Computer and Equipment Purchases, Lighthouse Underwriters, LLC for D&O Insurance, Mutual of America Life Insurance Company, Automatic Data Processing, Inc for Payroll Processing (15% discount), Covenant Eyes for Internet Accountability Software for $5.99), Discounts with over 100 other companies
  • Discounted Gifts in Kind Membership: TechMission members can register with Gifts in Kind International for a reduced rate (as low as $125 vs. regular price of $250). Gifts In Kind distributes millions of dollars worth of newly manufactured product donations and special pricing programs to qualified 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations. This benefit is available only to organizational TechMission members, not individuals. 

Cost is $50 per year.

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