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Mauricio Saravia School of the Arts Opening Day

In Luke 14 Jesus told the parable of the Great Banquet. In that story a man sent out invitations to a great feast but he was declined by his first invitees. The banquet master didn’t give up though and he ordered his servants out into streets, alleys, roads and country lanes to bring in guests to his banquet. I was disappointed with the turnout at our initial registration night, so I decided to delay by one week and try again. After the second registration we had 26 kids signed up. On Sunday that number increased to 28.   As Tuesday afternoon approached there was a last burst of activity and then anxious waiting. Would the kids come? Would God bless this new ministry? Or would all our efforts fail?

All my prayers and anxieties were met by God and 33 kids! I could relax and let God work. Every segment of our outreach exceeded my expectations and a spirit of peace and orderliness reigned over all that was done the entire 3.5 hours. God’s love was poured out through our wonderful volunteers and teachers. Everyone did a marvelous job!
Brother Tony Urioste had all the kids working their stretches, balancing exercises, and basketball shooting. Sister Carmen Palacios prepared a delicious snack which the kids enjoyed as they made their identification cards. During class time she once again prepared a scrumptious salad dish but this time with 16 helpers around the cutting table all chopping potatoes and celery.   Sister Susie Guerra did a marvelous job teaching the kids to memorize Matthew 16:25 with a song. High energy Sister Sara Behar had her class immediately dancing the steps to Jewish praise songs. Sister Amy Earnest made an impact with her singing class as my daughter Marisabella later tried to teach me the breathing exercises that she learned. I met one of Pablo Gonzalez’s youngest painters after his class let out and the young man eagerly took his mother and me in tow to admire his painting of a forest. His mother happily pronounced that I could one day say that I knew Diego Rivera when he was so young that he was missing teeth.
The real clincher for me came at the end when our gifted coordinator Sister Margarita Perez was working in our Treasure Store. As the kids shopped for prizes that they had earned by their excellent behavior I observed the expression in their mothers’ faces. As I saw the joy and gratitude in the moms’ eyes it came to me that they were thinking, “My child is receiving what I never got.” My heart overflowed with thanks at seeing how God graciously used us to minister hope and joy into the souls of these precious kids and their families.
1.       Pray that God continues to bless these kids and bring them into a relationship with Jesus Christ. 
2.      This Sunday morning (March 29) at 6:00 a.m. look for me (and some kids hopefully) on Channel 4 CBS as I will be interviewed live about the Mauricio Saravia School of the Arts. Pray for me (and the kids) to represent both Christ and our ministry well. 
3.      Pray that funds will come in for our $3000 matching grant from the Martin Foundation. 
Let’s give all the Glory and Honor to Him Who Sits on the Throne!
Brother Scott…3/27/09