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Lord's Nest Children's Home Project

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, Warm greetings to you in His mighty name. May I take this opportunity to wish you a Happy New Year. The year 2007 has gone by and we enter into the year 2008 and step into the unknown. We do not perceive what are ahead of us as the material world may offers us many uncertainties, negative or even positive situations in material sense. But as believers and spiritual heirs in Abraham we can follow God’s commands given in Genesis 12:1 and 17:1, to go to a land that the Lord will show us and walk before Him and be blameless, respectively. One of the hindrances that Satan places before us in following these two commands and also Christ is the dread of the unknown. Like Abraham, by trusting God for the future, let us step out in faith, hope and confidence, and by holding His hand we can certainly venture into the unknown in our spiritual journey towards Heaven. As I write this letter, the plight of the destitute children in India has not changed much. On 10/28/2007, the Hindustan Times has reported as follows (abridged): “Human trafficking is the world’s most lucrative businesses, after smuggling of arms and drugs. A study by Shakti Vahini, an NGO working on anti-trafficking issues, found that 378 of India ’s 600 districts are affected by human trafficking. India is a major source and destination for trafficked children and by conservative estimates there are about three to five lakh (300,000-500,000) girl children in commercial sex and organized prostitution. The National Human Rights Commission estimates that around 45,000 children in India go missing every year. Most of them are driven into prostitution, forced to work at homes and factories, pushed into begging, drug peddling and even in illegal organ trade. For those children who have been trafficked and rescued, rehabilitation remains scarce and reintegration arduous. A study conducted this year by the Ministry of Women and Child Development says two out of every three children in India are physically abused. Also around 54 per cent children have faced one or more forms of sexual abuse. The study found that children in the age group 5 to 12 reported higher levels of abuse and boys were as much at risk as girls. The study found that very often crimes against children are not reported, as some crimes are not covered under the existing laws. The National Crime Records Bureau reported 14,975 cases of various crimes against children in 2005 as against 5,972 cases in 2002. But this is only indicative in nature as it is based on reported cases.” As Christians let us alleviate the sad plight of some of these children (if not all) in most populated and predominantly heathen and spiritually blind nation and bring them to the love, care and saving knowledge of Christ. If you are led by the Lord to assist in this orphanage project please contact me: In Christ, Shadrach