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Lord's Nest

Dear friends,

 Slavery, human trafficking, young girls sold into prostitution,... it is still happening today. By the thousands! In India, the average number of children declared “missing” annually in the country was calculated at 44,476 — 122 each day — which included an annual average of 15,407 missing children from the six metropolitan cities. Of this, an average of 11,008 children remained missing. Many of these untraced children end up either being trafficked or for prostitution. I would like to share how you and your church can help relieve suffering by extending Gods' Amazing Grace to a few of these children. Please extend me a few minutes of your time. The Lord's Nest takes in orphaned and abandoned children in the district of Cuddapah, state of Andhra Pradesh, India, and feeds, clothes, educates, and shares the love of Christ in a predominantly Hindu land. Currently, I am raising funds to build the orphange. I need your prayer support. Please help in whatever way you can. References on request. I can be reached at 

Your brother in Christ,

Shadrach Mabbula