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Volunteers and Intern are needed to work with poor children in Uganda

 Victorious Children's Ministries (VCM) is a non-profit organisation and is a registered by the government of Uganda has a communtiy Bassed Organisation (CBO) VCM wants to help children realized and obtian their full potential in life. Vcm wants to give the children the tool and to ensure that they will be able to reintegrate in their community has health,happy,responsible and independent adults.

 We have a need for people to volunteer with Victorious Children's Ministries. Our ongoing child development projects allow you to come to Uganda, stay with us, and help orphaned children with daily life and extra-curricular activities. And you do not need to have any special qualitfications to come and volunteer with us. The most important thing you offer these children is love and attention. Our programs offer a unique opportunity for students and other volunteers to enjoy the amazing beauty of Uganda, the rich culture, languages and the life-style of the Ugandan people.


Ongoing Projects including :


  • Child Care: Help facilitate and organize activities, games, sing-a-longs and dances as well as other creativity-based activities (We have some books and games here you can use or feel free to bring some toys and books to donate and use while you are here)

  • Sports: We also like to visit the local playground down the road from our house in Kawanda. Here we enjoy playing football, netball, jump roap, hoola hoop and lots of other fun running games.

  • Household Projects: Helping with cleaning, cooking and gardening. 

  • Helping in Administration work and Management: Prepare Budgets and project proposals, help writing grant letters, setting up and maintaining personal files for the children. 

  • Community work: Help with planning up-coming building projects including our future primary school and child development center

  • Teaching computer skills.

  • Art and desgin.

  • Music dance and drama.

  • Construction.


If you would like to volunteer in the Victorious Children's Ministries Uganda, please contact:

E-mail: or at the director of VCM at