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Islam Provides Remedy to Alcoholism


Islam Provides Remedy to Alcoholism


By Dr. Siraj Mufti (, 2001)


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This interesting article recognizes the importance of faith in overcoming alcoholism and examines Islam’s role in reducing the rate of alcoholism in Arab countries to the point that Muslim countries have the fewest alcohol-related problems in the world.  Dr. Mufti discusses the history of Islam’s eradication of alcoholism in Arab countries whose pre-Islamic populations engaged in much excessive drinking.  In addition, Dr. Mufti argues that Islam provides a well-organized plan for gradual change; a strong motivation to change as a result of the social norms it establishes; other incentives of reward and punishment revealed by God; and the availability of forgiveness by God.


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Using the experience of the Muslim African-American community as an example of Islam’s success in eliminating alcoholism, Dr. Mufti calls for American Muslims to help others struggling with alcoholism.  This helpful article provides encouragement to Muslims who are interested in starting programs aimed at helping fellow Muslims or others who abuse alcohol.


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