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The Imperative of Raising Money in Bad Economic Times

The world is going throughquite a economic roller coaster. For the average Executive in ministry the thought of raising money for the cause is laughable. However WE cannot throw up our hands in despair and say there is no money left. More than ever there is a need to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, etc. Jesus stated that the Poor will always be among us. Therefore YOU will have to find the funds to support your organization's mission. These stats are from 2002, but let's face it...even in bad economic times, there are people who are wealthy. According to World Wealth Report 2.2 million North Americans have liquid financial assets of more than 1 million. Thus, we have a mandate to see who in our community can help us in our endeavors. Conversely if you reach out you will be suprise to find out that the average person wants to help. With the right attitude, many $5 donation can add up to a lot of money. Just ask the Obama Campaign. More than ever poverty is all around us, so as Non-Profit managers are OUR work is more imporant than ever. We have to face our fears and ASK!