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Human Trafficking

I just watched a documentary on child trafficking in rural China. I could not believe how high of a number  it was. In the one particular village they were focusing on (a small one in the Yunnan province) over one hundred couples have lost their children to trafficking. And the authorities forbid them from talking to "foreigners", or people outside of the local police. How could this be happening, and we don't know about it?

While watching, I figured that there are six parties involved here. The first, is the child. The child is innocent, and usually does not have any idea what is going on. With one of the children they interviewed who had been kidnapped and then found months later, he said that he thought his parents sold him because he was a bad boy. It literally broke my heart. The second and the third parties are the families. I have them split into two, because according to the program, there are two types of families. The first type is the type who's child is stolen. They are heartbroken and determined to get their child back. The second is the family that has no money and sells their child for profit. In the doco, they showed a woman who was selling her third child. How could you? I don't understand how you could live with yourself after literally selling your third child. It's not adoption, it's illegal. They are having children and selling them to make money. The fourth party is the "agent" as he calls himself. He takes children and sells them to families who want a child. He feels no guilt because he considers himself an entrepreneur. The fifith and sixth parties are the government that looks the other way, and the people who pay for stolen children.

What is happening in this world when innocent lives are being stolen and sold like produce?  This is just one example of the millions of lives effected by trafficking each year.  I urge you to pray for these people, and get involved.  This can be stopped!