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How To Help an Alcoholic


How To Help an Alcoholic

by Lance Martin (Desert Ministries, 1986)


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This short booklet concisely describes what it means to be an alcoholic and how an alcoholic can get help.  Martin, a recovering alcoholic, describes six signs of alcoholism, such as planning your life around drinking and being defensive about your drinking habit.  The booklet offers solid facts and statistics about alcoholism, briefly discusses its repercussions, and overviews the most popular ways alcoholics can get help.  Martin discusses Al-Anon, for family members of the alcoholic, and Al-ateen, for teenage children of the alcoholic, but saves the bulk of his discussion for Alcoholics Anonymous.  AA is explained and described in some detail. 


Why does FASTEN recommend this resource?


This booklet is concise, giving readers a clear overview of alcoholism and how to find help for it.  It abides by the AA example of refraining from doctrinal or theological statements, but it does encourage the idea of seeking God for help. Individuals who know people with drinking problems, or religious leaders (e.g., priests, rabbis, pastors) from whom alcoholics seek aid will find this booklet a helpful introductory resource.

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