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how has Aids managed to tear apart Africa-Uganda

As of now, the world is still troubled on how AIDS/HIV has managed to escape the modern day scientist, scientists everywhere are locked in the battle to come up with a definite cure of AIDS, this race is on going and there seems no end in sight.

Here in Africa,I will dwell on Uganda, every one has come up with all sorts of cures, being in a society that believes so much in witch crafty many for long thought some one malicious had cast a bad spell on them and this exacerbated the       
desire to counter attack and many precious lives where lost because people just didn't believe it was not just a spell. Who would blame them anyway? It was strange and it was unique. Every body back then in the 80's gave their own opinion of where the disease came from, we had an ongoing war with Tanzania, when  Ugandan soldiers invaded Tanzania and came back, that is when its rumored that the disease came to Uganda and infiltrated the unsuspecting Ugandan every day person.

Its been a long struggle and it still is, the end is not in sight yet except prayer seems to be the answer.I don't know of any home, family in Uganda that has not been affected by the disease. It has claimed figures from the least known Ugandan to the most famous, the silent and most vocal, singers have sung about it and in the end they have fallen, they've sadly fallen to the same horror they worked so tirelessly to expose. Uganda has come along way, we live in a society where it was a Taboo to speak about sex in public,there was no sex education any where in school, back at home the parents thought it was a subject too much for their own children, churches would not say nothing because it was improper for a preacher to get up on the pulpit and speak about this same subject,however, in the mid 90's, the president came out strongly and said enough was enough, the unsuspecting child now had to know, the truths had to be told and the myths of AIDS was finally uncovered. Thats how I came to know, thats how many came to know, it was taught in school,the churches, in society every body that knew something about it came up and told what they knew.

The government has taken the fight to the enemy and our society is now fully aware.Its taken a little too long though, the AIDS drug has come a little too late, looking at how long this drug gives people the ability to fight and stay health, I think of my uncles, my mom and many more beloved that died as far back as 98. The Anti Retrovirals are on the market, free as the government claims but not really free. This is good news but I still have one question, this drug gives  people the ability to stay health but its not a cure, they integrate back into society and still carry on with life the same way, some people are angry and they don't care who they infect, they still indiscriminately go on having sex any how. Cross generational sex am assuming my readers know it, has become rampant, big bosses have raided university campus, primary and secondary schools and gone out with our young sisters and brothers, why and how they manage to do it?, For financial reasons, many young girls are thinking these big bosses have the sort of pockets to supplement what they don't get at home, they are in competition for a better life at school,this in my opinion is now the number one reason of why this AIDS problem has persisted in my society.

I will end part one of my introduction here for today, catch your breath and look out for more of my sad story. Till next time