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Family Volunteering and Family Missions Trips: Featured Articles

Incarcerated Parents and Their Children

From $70K to Food Bank, One Family's Struggle

In these days of financial anguish, it's amazing to see the hope that continues to shine through debt, worry and tears. Families across the nation have been hit hard these last few months. Women and children continue to be the fastest growing section of homeless individuals. It's the little things that count.Read more

Spring Break Groups Go Above and Beyond in Houston

When is the last time you played Freeze Tag? You probably have forgotten how exhausting it is! I certainly had forgotten when I suggested it to a group of 25 or so kids at one of our new ministry sites. In less than 30 minutes, I was bent over double, gasping for breath, while my new little friends ran circles around me.Read more

China Earthquake Update

As many of you have already heard, there was a 7.9 earthquake in China Monday morning (their afternoon). It was a big enough earthquake that people in Shanghai (a city 1000 miles away) felt it. Imagine an earthquake happening in Denver, CO and people in Los Angeles feeling it. Currently, Yahoo!Read more

Los Fundamentos de esbozar Curriculum por: John Tallacksen

La pasión por el arte es algo que debe ser compartida con otros. Nuestro Dios es un creador, y por lo tanto el primer artista. Para crear algo en la adoración a Dios debe ser como nuestro padre. El arte es una manera saludable para una persona a expresar sus ideas únicas, e incluso superar el trauma. El plan de estudios adjunto está diseñado para hacer el arte accesible a cualquier persona dispuesta a aprender a través de la forma de arte fundacional y poco costosa de dibujar. Cualquier persona puede descargar el documento de Word o la versión en PDF para utilizar en susclase de arte propio.

-John Tallacksen