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Faith Community and Criminal Justice Collaboration: A Collection of Effective Programs


Faith Community and Criminal Justice Collaboration: A Collection of Effective Programs

Published by National Crime Prevention Council, 2005


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In this report, the National Crime Prevention Council examines the collaboration between communities of faith and criminal justice institutions to prevent crime, work with offenders and at-risk populations to break the cycle of crime, and restore individuals and communities who have been harmed by crime.  Creative partnerships between people of faith and criminal justice agencies are highlighted to provide inspiration for those interested in forging partnerships and developing effective programs.  A full spectrum of programs is highlighted, including restorative justice and the courts, corrections and rehabilitation, children and youth, probation, parole and reentry, support for victims, and crime prevention and community policing.


Why does FASTEN recommend this resource?


This publication is a valuable tool for those interested in investigating faith-based programs that have effectively partnered with criminal justice agencies.  For each topic in the criminal justice continuum, several successful programs are described.  The descriptions include the problems being addressed, overviews of the programs, the role of faith in each program, potential obstacles, signs of success, and contact information for the programs.  Those utilizing this resource will be able to take realistic look at the positive impact of each type of program, as well as the potential difficulties.  In addition, they will be able to benefit from practical tips which are included for both law enforcement agencies and faith-based organizations to help them work together successfully toward their common goals.


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