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Youth Entrepreneurship: Scranton Road Ministries



Scranton Road Ministries CDC (Cleveland, OH)

Who They Serve : High-achieving, low-income public high school students

What They Do : Provide students with technological, business, and financial literacy training and experience

Brief Description :

Their “Digital Connectors” program works with high-achieving, low-income public high school students, providing them with technological, entrepreneurial, business and financial literacy training as well as experience as computer instructors. The program seeks to train students in these specific skill areas and increase their employability overall with leadership and communication training, professional behavior training, and assistance in creating their vocational aspirations. Scranton Road Ministries partners with the Cleveland Housing Network and the Shorebank Enterprise Group in operating this program. One of its unique features is that the students also serve as teachers, helping adults from public housing communities to learn basic computer skills.

Tip : Check out FASTEN’s Youth Entrepreneurship Toolkit for more program ideas and resources for starting a new program.

Entreneuity, a Christian nonprofit that helps young people start businesses, is also a terrific resource.

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