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Training for Evangelism



Training for Evangelism
by Phil Olson (The Sider Center on Ministry and Public Policy)

Resource Type: This 9-page article is provided by the Sider Center on Ministry and Public Policy, which is aimed at educating and equipping leaders to do holistic ministry, to work for social transformation, and to challenge others to do the same.

Main Audience: This resource is helpful for pastors and church leaders interested in training their congregations to effectively reach out to their communities through evangelism. It is useful for both large and small churches.


This thoughtful 9-page article by former Word & Deed Network director Rev. Phil Olson offers reflections on the current state of evangelism in churches and addresses reasons why people do not engage in evangelism. He offers insight on the problems with the type of activities that pass as “evangelism” and provides recommendations for developing evangelism methods and messages that are more closely tied to holistic ministry.

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