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The Path from Faith to Action

 This article addresses how churches learn to do community ministry.



The Path from Faith to Action


By Heidi Rolland Unruh (Evangelicals for Social Action, 2006)


Resource Type: article


Audience: Church leaders wanting guidance on how to get started in launching effective church-based transformational community ministries





This article addresses how churches learn to do community ministry.  It highlights two specific areas of transformation that must happen within the church to prepare them for community ministry: leadership development and mission realignment.  The article addresses: 1) steps that churches go through in the process of developing community ministry, 2) leadership skills required for these steps, 3) barriers to ministry learning and application, and 4) factors that support the process of learning and application.  The Church-based Community Transformation Model from The Externally Focused Church is given to help leaders understand the components of holistic ministry.  In addition, Unruh provides a list of action steps to help churches move from faith to action, a diagnostic & brainstorming worksheet, and a list of further resources.  

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