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Music lyrics:Do you hear what I hear?

Ruffin, K.N. (1995, August). Do you hear what I hear? Essence, p. 130.


" ‘Flexxxx, time to have sex!’ " is what my 7-year-old cousin belted out as she danced provocatively through the living room." According to the author, music that is abundant with sexual lingo has engulfed younger and younger kids, most of whom do not even understand the gift of sex. They are bombarded with its images and sounds through songs and music videos. It is apparent that this little girl has fallen into the clutches of media.

Notes Ruffin, "In isolation, the lyrical content of Top 40 songs may seem harmless, but because these songs echo themes of sexual domination in our culture, they become the soundtrack of our lives." Those who listen to music with lyrics like " ‘Let me lick you up and down’ " or " ‘Freak in the morning and freak in the evening’ " are listened to so much that listeners are no longer are aware of the danger of these lyrics. Teenagers are especially vulnerable to this type of music, as they blast this type of music in their cars and rooms, and at parties. In a lot of hip-hop music, woman are often viewed as sex objects. Men play with them in all sorts of degrading, dehumanizing ways. A woman’s mind, gifts, and creativity are invaluable compared to her body.

If a seven-year-old girl is repeating the "Flex" song, how much more are teenagers repeating it? Furthermore, how does a teenage girl feel about being portrayed as a sex toy? Does she even understand? Probably not. To them, the music is "harmless." However, the more and more she listens to it, she internalizes the message. The lyrics do become the "soundtrack of her life" when she finds herself in a boy’s car. The lyrics become apart of her when she wears the tight jeans or with a cut-off shirt to get a boy’s attention. She is flaunting what she believes is her only gift. Boys will often take advantage of her package. She will be unraveled and hurt. This young lady and others like her cannot help her retrieve what is lost.


  1. How would you respond to a seven-year-old who exclaimed, "Flexxx...time to have sex?" What would you say to convey that the song is inappropriate?
  2. Have you ever caught teenagers or yourself unknowingly singing songs with sexual metaphors until someone pointed it out?



Talk to girls about their sexuality. They do not recognize that music subconsciously affects their behavior.

Elizabeth Pierre cCYS