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The Link Between Crime Prevention, Youth, and Congregations


The Link Between Crime Prevention, Youth, and Congregations

(National Crime Prevention Council)


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          What Is Crime and How Can It Be Prevented?


Why Is It Important for Congregations To Be Involved in   Crime Prevention?


Why Focus on Youth and Crime Prevention?


          Building Blocks of Effective Crime Prevention Projects


          Preparation Checklist 


Presentation Overview 


Taking Action in Your Community


          Resource List 




This publication guides program directors working with youth in the area of crime prevention, covering basics on crime prevention and explaining why both faith-based institutions and youth are vital in the crime prevention movement. 


This guide discusses teenage victims of crime, and gives suggestions for teens on how to protect themselves and their peers, how to report a crime, and how to help a friend who has been victimized.  This publication then teaches the reader how best to present this material, including these topics:

·         how teenagers learn,

·         effective activities to use,

·         techniques to get youth interested in community involvement,

·         how to elicit audience participation, and

·         how to handle a teen who decides to disclose their experience as a crime victim. 

Examples of successful crime prevention projects and further resources to investigate are also included in this manual. 


Why Does FASTEN Recommend This Resource?


Anyone interested in teaching youth about crime prevention would greatly benefit from this practical, easy-to-read manual.  Directors and presenters of youth programs will find quick guidelines on how to be effective with teenagers, what they most need to know about crime prevention, and creative ideas to get America’s youth excited about eliminating crime. 

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