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Kibera Evangelical Orphan Group

Kibera Evangelical Orphan Group in Kibera Laini Saba,

Nairobi, Kenya.




Kibera Laini Saba, being a large slum area in Nairobi

, has a lot of socio-economic problems.   One of the problems this area has been experiencing is a high rate and death due to AIDS related illnesses.  There are a lot of children in this area that are orphans and not in church.   There are a lot of government and non-governmental organizations along with some Roman Catholic charity activities in this area. This program is uniquely the outreach of an evangelical church to the orphans in this area.




The main goal is to reach the orphans of Kibera Laini Saba, with the gospel and practically show them the love of Christ. Our goals are to prepare them spiritually, emotionally and vocationally to be not only good Christians, but also good citizens and future parents.




 This program reaches out to children and youth in alleys, streets and homes—often not much more than a shack. Workers spend time hanging out with them in order to establish a rapport. From this friendship the young people are invited into our YouthCenter.  Admission is, of course, free, as our mission in this area is charitable in its true sense. 


The doors will be opened to kids of all ethnic and religious backgrounds. At the Center the youth will find

Ø        Literacy classes

Ø        Bible lessons/studies, Bible trivial quizzes and games.

Ø        Gospel music and dances which they enjoy learning.

Ø        Bible based drama and skits which allows for discussion and experiential learning.

Ø        Classes on prevention of AIDS and personal hygiene (We work in liaison with nearby hospitals and public health personnel).

Ø        Classes in vocational skills (basic carpentry, small business (baking), basic

                typing/computer skills).

Ø        Trips (To the city center, Public library and Nairobi (University and Hospital), Nairobi animal Park (7km away).

Ø        Educational films.


In addition, young participants become volunteer, as well as paid, community service workers. Youthful members of the Center also become outreach workers to other young people in Kibera. Another goal is to get these youth into public school and support them in their studies. Many of the programs above are after school and weekend activities.




Because the number of youth without parental supervision and resources is so great, this is a big cause. It needs substantial resources.  Well organized, it can still run and meet its goals with minimal resources.




Basically, I hope to get some help from my local church (Missions/Outreach Dept). I’ll also reach out to donors/sponsors (Non-Governmental organizations, local companies e.g Coca cola).

I will attempt to raise some funds through community service.

I will conduct sales of the kids’ handcraft etc.

I’ll be turning to concerned authorities, to help us by either giving us free or discounted access (e.g.  to the animal Park).




Besides, myself, I’ll rely on some volunteers (of different trades) from my local church/neighborhood.




We shall need a structure.  Initially I’ll advice my local church to rent any available facility in the area.  At the same time we will appeal to the government for allocation of a piece public property in the area for this purpose.  If we get allocated, I’ll appeal to my local church to help us to raise funds (at the local church and from donors) to build the center.




1.       Both poverty and AIDS contribute to the number of unattended children in any African slum. How do you see these two factors contributing to the number of orphans? And how does poverty contribute to the spread of AIDS?

2.     The best solution for AIDS in Africa lies in changing people’s sexual behavior.  What is your reaction to this statement?

3.     Do you think the developed countries have any moral obligation in the fight against

        AIDS in the Third world countries?  If yes, why do you think so? And how should they meet this obligation?  If No, why do you think so?

4.     Do you think introducing an evangelical youth ministry would help alleviate AIDS

      and unemployment in Kibera Laini Saba?   If yes, what could such a program contribute?  If No, why do you think so?  And what suggestions, would you make towards solving these problems?





1.       Kenyans and all of us must become more concerned with the plight of poor children and orphans.

2.       There is need for public education to bring about more discipline in sexual life of most Kibera Laini Saba residents.

3.       In my opinion, more involvement in religious life and activities would help to curb the spread of AIDS in Kibera Laini Saba.  

4.       The target group for sex education Kibera Laini Saba should be the young people who will be tomorrow’s parents.

5.       There is need for more Christian youth ministries/activities to reach AIDS orphans in other slums of Nairobi and cities of Africa.


Josephat Atavachi cCYS  2002