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A group activity using a TV show to discuss faith, (Most appropriate for a Christian youth group)

A group activity using a TV show to discuss faith. (Most appropriate for a Christian youth group.)


Christian teens need to learn to process programs and movies they watch. This session will draw them into a discussion of faith and the occult using a video clip from an episode of "The X-Files."


  • Rent the "X-Files" episode entitled, "Die Hand Die Verletzt" (available at large video stores).
  • View the entire episode with your leaders before the group discussion.
  • Cue the video to the scene where Agent Mulder confronts Ausbury in the basement and review the scene to be shown (1½ minutes).


  • Open the meeting with a couple of songs or a game.
  • Divide the group into several smaller groups of 4-6. As a group, ask them to list their favorite TV programs. Also encourage them to give reasons for their preferences. Have one representative from each group share their findings with the entire group. Chart the most popular shows on a white board or poster board.


  • Set up the video scene with a brief summary of the storyline; ask the group to listen for anything that stands out or that they question from this scene.
  • Show the video and hand out a copy of the script shown here:

Ausbury: My religion, my family, Agent Mulder goes back in this town seven generations. They fled persecution from people being persecuted all in the name of Religion. I was raised to believe Christianity was synonymous with hypocrisy. Man's natural tendency was to do what thou whilst, not to do unto others. We believe that man in nothing but an animal, no better, no worse that those that walk on four legs. Although I believed our faith kept us powerful in the community, wealthy, good health…I came to see hypocrisy in the others…in me. When they told me to blame my dead daughter for Jerry Stevens' death my reaction…I was sick that they would vilify an innocent…someone I loved, just to protect themselves. And at that moment I knew that I am better that an animal. That my previous beliefs were responsible for her no longer being with us and that it was time to talk to you.

  • Do not attempt to critique or devalue the "The X-Files." Let the group process its messages or value.


Have the group discuss any of the following questions; encourage them to respond to each other:

  • What was uncomfortable for you in this scene?
  • What messages do you hear in this scene? About faith, cults, christianity?
  • With what phrases or lines do you agree? Disagree?
  • How is this man's "faith" similar to the Christian faith? Different?
  • What are advantages to your faith?
  • How could God use this and other shows to draw people to himself?


Reinforce these points from the discussion:

  • Current programs can challenge or confirm faith.
  • Practice looking for spoken or unspoken messages in TV programs.
  • Faith is a requirement of Christians. Where do you place it?
  • Hypocrisy is not only a Christian problem.


Michael Dahl cCYS