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Who else is on the journey? Why?

Activity: Explore & Connect

What it is: Connect the principles of holistic ministry with real-life models and resources by organizing field trips to explore holistic ministry in action, by hosting guest speakers, by researching best practices and potential mentors, and by identifying follow-up contacts and resources in your church's area of ministry calling.

Why it is helpful:You can read about holistic ministry, you can discuss holistic ministry, you can make plans for holistic ministry — but for most people, real understanding and inspiration comes from seeing ministry in action. Exposure to ministry in action enlivens your ministry imagination and feeds your appetite for mission. Connecting with models and mentors expands your ministry horizons, opens the door to ministry partnerships, helps you avoid reinventing the ministry wheel, and provides your church with counsel, expertise, and encouragement as you move forward in holistic ministry.

Your church might benefit from this activity if ... you want to spark greater interest in outreach; you want to connect with other churches or ministries who have experience in holistic ministry and can give practical advice; you have had enough of reading about mission and want to see what it looks like; your congregation has people who say things like, "Don't tell me, show me!"