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What will the future of evangelicalism look like in America?

#What will the future of evangelicalism look like in America? Dr. Soong-Chan Rah of North Park Theological Seminary seeks to answer that question with his new book, The Next Evangelicalism. Dr. Rah graciously agreed to a 40 minute interview with Michaela and I a few weeks ago. I am featuring our conversation with Dr. Rah in this post because in it he shares some great insights for those of us seeking to build biblical, multi-ethnic community.

Chad Brennan

Interview Part 1

#Dr. Rah shares...
- his background and ministry experience
- about individualism, consumerism, and racism in America
- his advice for someone seeking to start a multi-ethnic church
- About the importance of racially-reconciled communities that exhibit racial justice
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Interview Part 2

#Dr. Rah shares...
- how racism is often thought of as exclusively a "personal issue" -- but, the corporate aspect of racism must be recognized and addressed as well
- an example of how the corporate shame of racism was handled in a biblical way
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Interview Part 3

#Dr. Rah shares...
- how the growing ethnic minority population in America will have a powerful impact on the values of American society and the church
- how the American church must break free from "white cultural captivity" and work toward a more multi-ethnic church
- suggestions for leaders seeking to build multi-ethnic ministries
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Interview Part 4

#Dr. Rah shares...
- books that can help Christian leaders to learn about other cultural perspectives
- suggestions for how we can reach out to other ethnic groups with a "I'll go to you" mindset rather than a "Come to me" mindset.
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Interview Part 5

#Dr. Rah shares...
- there are two different ways we have looked at multi-ethnicity in America... melting pot and salad bowl
- how the dominance of Western, white culture hinders the church's ability to experience and appreciate ethnic diversity
- suggestions for white Christians who do not understand the reality of white privilege
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