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The Twelve Steps for Christians, Revised Edition



The Twelve Steps for Christians, Revised Edition


by Friends in Recovery (RPI Publishing, 1994)


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Written by individuals who have participated in recovery programs, The Twelve Steps for Christians is compassionate, honest, and challenging. It is designed primarily for those seeking healing from growing up in dysfunctional families. The book details the behaviors and thought processes that often result from a dysfunctional, abusive, or neglectful childhood environment.  The book goes through each of the 12 steps, with details on understanding, working, preparing for, and praying through each step.  The book offers Bible verses to guide readers through the steps in order to keep the recovery focused on reliance upon Jesus Christ and a commitment to Him.  Each chapter ends with the key ideas covered in the chapter.  The book also guides readers on finding a recovery partner to aid them in their healing process.   It includes exercises for self-evaluation and making amends, among other suggested activities. The appendices contain a review of the 12 steps along with self-examination questions for the reader. 


Why does FASTEN recommend this resource?


This book is at once understanding and convicting.  It is an excellent resource for any Christian adult child of a dysfunctional home.  It maintains a strong Biblical perspective and guides the readers carefully through many of the specific issues they most likely have or will face. 

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