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Strategies for Taking Back Our Cities

Economic crisis has provided a wonderful opportunity for the church to arise and shine as never before. The State of California is considered bankrupt and continues to impoverish local government as one hand robs the other in order to stay afloat. The voice of the enemy has raged against any godly influence in society. The voice of the enemy has demanded that God be removed from our schools, government and even our homes as many have demanded, "Silence the voice of the Christians!" and "Separation of church and state!" Amidst the cry from those demanding the right to live under the enemy's curse, God is now turning that around, and He is separating the church from the state she's been in. He is turning His churches inside out and forcing them into the streets. God has allowed the city, county and state officials to be put in a position where in order to effectively address the concerns on their agenda, they must come to the place where they not only recognize their need for the church to be involved, but join forces with the body of Christ for the sake of city transformation. Can't you just see God yelling "Check mate!" as He has maneuvered his opponents right where He wants them?

The enemy has had his influence in the hub of the cities for a long time. Ungodly establishments that cater to New Age doctrine and other false religions, the occult, witchcraft, fortune tellers and more litter our downtown areas and beyond. The enemy wants control of the heartbeat of each and every city, as his influence permeates and desensitizes society. This is what holds counterfeit, corrupt and ungodly authority structures in place. Thrones of iniquity are established where satan and his influence is worshipped, making it seem like an unconquerable giant in our midst. The question I ask today is, "Where are the giant killers? Where are the generals who will understand the strategies to take our cities back from the enemy?"

There must be an apostolic/propehtic "hub" or outpost in every city. It's like an army taking a beachhead, or setting up a breach force in the enemy's line of defense. You cannot move further in to infiltrate the enemy's ranks until you set up an outpost. Pastors and other spiritual leaders must wear dual mantles in this time and season. You must carry the implements of the shepherd and protect the flock in the city, but you must also become militant, and understand and operate in the strategies of the Lord. True spiritual authority is not intimidated by the enemy's defiance. True spiritual authority is the only thing that can take down the giants.

The church has been involved with many good works, but only true authority can displace spiritual darkness. Good works without true spiritual authority being involved in the center cannot and will not make lasting change. It's like trying to cut off a weed without pulling up the roots. Our city councils and other local government officials have valid concerns. They fear that the inability to retain and employ adequate police officials and other staff needed to support city infrastructure due to financial constraints will lead to a problem with uncontrollable gang activity, violent crimes, drug trafficking and more. They forsee a future with lawlessness getting worse, and it will if the church does not step up to fill the void of this need. The problems that our cities face has become an opportunity for the church to get involved. It takes genuine apostolic and prophetic anointing to provide spiritual covering and protection over the city. There is a need for prophetic insight and foresight of potential problems and future events in order to know how to develop long range strategic planning. God knows what is in the future, and He wants to bring that knowledge into our present so that we can be prepared for what is to come. It takes genuine spiritual authority to challenge satan's demonic authority and ungodly counterfeit authority. It takes true prophetic gifting to work with police and the sheriff departments to release prophetic insight and help solve crimes. The natural and spiritual authority must work in partnership like never before if we are to take back our cities. They need the benefit of our prayer and prophetic intercession!

What city official cannot see nor want the benefit of the prayers of the body of Christ? Is there anyone that feels that it is a bad idea to ask God to provide protection over our cities? Who doesn't want God to provide wisdom to help create new jobs, or creative solutions to bring economic stability? Who doesn't want safer neighborhoods and lower crime rates? Who doesn't want our children to have a future blessed with opportunity, so that they don't have to leave our city and go look for another one? If they don't want  those things then why are they in a place of service or a voice of influence? Those are not people with the best interests of society at heart. They serve a different agenda, a personal agenda that is not for the common good. Who cannot see the benefit of prayer? The problem is, we tend to forget that we agree on what we agree on. We want the same things for our city! We just get caught up in what the enemy wants to demand as "political correctness." It is time to ignore the shriek of the enemy (he knows his leash is getting shorter!) that tells us we cannot involve prayer, or we cannot involve the church in the affairs of our city. The enemy will continue to take ground away from us until we stand up and say, "NO MORE!"

The truth is, our city officials need the involvement of the church. The problems are too big for the city to solve on their own. They don't have the resources, the manpower or the finances to do what needs to be done. Thank the state and goverment for tying their hands. God has purposed that HIS CHURCH would be the answer to society's need. True spiritual authority not only challenges counterfeit authority, but the voice of true authority has the power to change the spiritual atmosphere and command those ungodly structures to be dismantled. For every ungodly tree we cut down, we must plant something godly and pure in it's place, otherwise it is like that bad weed that continues to grow back.


Let's dream for a moment. Here are some practical ideas to release city transformation in action. What if...a Christian daycare was set up in the heart of downtown, perhaps in a storefront location that would attract the parents that worked within the city gates as well as others that worked in the downtown area? What if we targeted them as an outreach ministry project, instead of wanting it to be within the confines and convenience of the daycare provider's home or even a local church? What if the church went to where the need was and set up shop somewhere else, instead of what is convenient to us, or expecting people to come to our churches? What if...24 hour prayer and (spiritual) healing rooms were established in the downtown areas of our cities? What if those with true prophetic gifting made themselves available on the streets, uncovering destinies and releasing the word of the Lord to those that would probably be inclined to turn to fortune tellers, except they ran into a prophet instead? What if...we created a venue where we could combine worship, prophetic artists and prophetic ministry, dance and drama to evangelize outside of the local church? What if...Yes, what if? The results could be amazing.