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Rev.Donna Lawrence Jones Cookman United Methodist Church

These pastors and ministry leaders from churches that are active in holistic ministry describe their experiences and views on mission.

Rev.Donna Lawrence Jones
Cookman United Methodist Church Philadelphia, PA
(Transcribed from the video, "What is Holistic Ministry,"
available at 1-800-650-6600)

Holistic ministry is achieving shalom for yourself and your community. Material and spiritual needs are naturally connected. Jesus himself, when he was here, he met the physical and material needs of people, as well as the spiritual needs.

It's very important for churches to engage in ministry to persons in welfare or in transition, and we work with both.

If the church does not get involved, we will see more homelessness, more hunger, more crime, more violence, more drug activity, more hopelessness, more shootings, more of all that's wrong in our society today.

The church can, at least, begin a dialogue with the government about how we can have some kind of a partnership, to ensure that the whole person is dealt with in our society in a way that brings life. Doing holistic ministry is hard - It's hard, in general, to work closely with individuals who are going through a lot of pain, and what makes that more difficult, is to have to do that with limited resources - limited time, limited staff.

When you're talking about people restoration, without the hope that comes from faith, I don't see that it's possible.