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The RUHAMA Healing Ministry (RHM) is in East Africa at Tanzania country in Dar Es Salaam Region at Ilala District is a newly established nearshiping centre where by the Evangelizing activity is still at the pre enable stage

And also is non denominational but inter-denominational and Umbrella Organization providing Ministerial Covering to any unregistered or registered Ministries,Fellowships,Missions ,Churches and any other non -profit making organization having vision and burden for propagating the full Gospel of Jesus Christ world wide Matt 28:

Founded early in 2005 and officially registered in 13th, May, 2009,with certificate of registration number SA.16161.


Our Headquarters are situated in the City of Dar Es Salaam   at Tabata Kisukuru Ilala District, P.O Box 75025


Since its establishment in 2005 the number of church believers has been increasing from time to time

Currently the number is almost sounding 300


The task of Evangelizing to the area of Kimanga Kisukuru has been and is still under taken through different difficulties lined up under social, cultural and ecumenical spheres.


Being a Pastor of this newly established RUHAMA Healing Ministry church of Tabata Kisukuru am of the vision that in order to fulfill the Evangelical task perfectly and have a strong and well established church that is why I need the assistance from you.

The church needs to have a church building where the current and newly        converted church believers will have a good place of worshiping,       attending the Evangelical seminars and other social and economical     skills.

           The area convenient for building church and a hall for seminars has     been identified having an area of 1.5 hectors worth Tshs 12,000,000/=


(ii)     Evangelizing Equipments which includes speakers, micro-phone,          amplifiers, mixer    and supporting generator in case power break down.

          It is my vision that the availability of the above mentioned equipments          will filly enhance Evangelical Crusades which play a key roll in enriching      the people the word of God, thus  getting new church believers.

          It is established that the total cost for the Evangelizing equipments is   Tshs10,000.000/=This will include publishing Evangelical posters.


          Together with a mentioned above look forward to enhance facilities    economically by establishing a SACCOS, local saciriting fund to our   church believers. Where by the can get soft loan to enable them run          simple but profitable prefects for sustaining their family needs and be           able to contribute to the church          for evangelizing development.

          That fund will be runned in a rolling of rotating from where by the        borrowers from church members after getting simple knowledge of   entrepreneurship to be conducted under church seminars, will be given     soft loans from Tshs 100,000/= for each family thus paying back

          Installment   with little     interest added to ensure that the project can          run sustainability.

          On that ground my vision is to start project with that capital of Tshs    10,000,000/= (being requested)


 Statement of Faith:


   We believe that:


  1. The scriptures of the Old and New Testaments are verbally inspired of God, inerrant in the original writings, the supreme and final authority in faith and life _ (2Tim. 3:16:17, 2Pet.1:21, Psa.19:7, Isa.8:20).


  1. There is one God and only one eternally existing in three Persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit (Matt.28:19, Jer.10:10, Gen 1:26, John 1:1, 14:6, Matt.3:16-17).


  1. Jesus Christ was begotten of the Holy Spirit and was born of the Virgin Mary. He lived a sinless life, died a vicarious and sub stitutionary death upon the cross as a sacrifice for our sins, rose again the third day for our justification. He is now our Mediator and High Priest at Gods right hand, from whence, He will come to earth as “King of Kings and Lord of lords” to set up His Kingdom and to judge the world in righteousness. (Isa.7:14,Matt.1:18 – 25,Rom. 5:1,1Cor.15: 3 – 4,Heb. 4: 15.7:25,Acts 1:9,11 ,1Thes.4:16 – 18,Rev.19:16,20: 4 – 6, 11 – 15)


  1. The Holy Spirit is the third person of the Godhead. His Ministry is that of convicting unbelievers of their sin, and their need of the Lord Jesus Christ, as their saviour.He baptizes believers into the Body of  Christ,indwells,instructs,and seals them unto the day of redemption (John 16:7,1Cor.12:12 – 14,rom 8:9,John 14:26, Eph.1:13-14,John 14:16 – 17,1Cor.2:9 -14)



Objectives: 1.       To provide Ministerial Covering to any unregistered or                                       registered Christian organization such as Ministries,                                          churches, Fellowships, missions, including any charitable                              organizations according to their Constitutions and                                          Memorandums.


2.                 To establish and operate Christian Counseling Centre such as Marriage Counseling pre- marriage,Counselling,Spiritual Counselling,Theological Counseling including running street children rehabilitation centres,old age Christian homes, Special Counseling to youth men and women who are dealing with prosititution,drugs abuse, and any other destructive habits, and other temporary receiving homes and facilities for born- again Christians thrown out of their families on account of their righteous faith.


3.                 To establish and promote indigenous churches. These churches will operate as self – governining, self supporting, and self propagating, and shall no be limited to religious teaching and worship.


4.                 To promote and maintain a true Pentecostal Movement by establishing educational institutions such as nursery schools, primary school, secondary schools, technical and commercial institutes, higher learning institutions including spiritual Leadership and Bible Colleges and Universities. One of the major objective in these educational institutions is to spiritually establish and strengthen candidates on a foundation that will enable them to strongly stand and live a newly transformed life.


5.                 To promote and maintain missions and outreaches to students in school, colleges and highest learning institutions in order to defend the freedom of worship especially for the born again Christian students who are being discriminated suppressed, disappointed by any authority because of their righteous faith.


6.                 To establish and run medical centre such as dispensaries, pharmaceutical services, maternity clinics and big hospitals in both rural and urban areas.


7.                 To propagate from the Biblical point of view, relevant human and Spiritual Rights issues for the purpose of promoting positive awareness among born –again Christians and to promote positive understanding of biblical principles ruling and Christian Lives generally.


8.                 To receive donations, contributions, grants, loans and money from individuals, organizations, Business, companies, foundations, charitable organizations, Missions Church ministries, Non Governmental Organizations, Governments and International institutions or Organizations.


9.                 To have the rights of ownership and possess, sponsor, sell use, authorize, lease or issue property for daily running of RHM and to possess or otherwise acquire land for Projects of RHM, including to undertake or carry on, whether alone or in Co- operation with any person or body of persons, any business undertaken, transaction or operational and any other social work world wide as it shall be deemed necessary.


10.             To form and run a Trust Fund to be known as RHM FOUNDATION purposefully to support all project and missions financially and materially RHM Executive Committee shall appoint persons qualified to form Board of Trustees including the Chairperson and Secretary to manage this FOUNDATION.


11.             Under the supervision of RHM FOUNDATION, mass media communication projects shall be established such as Christian Television Network, Radio broadcasting stations and studios, Aviation services Radio calls  services, Printings Pressses,including projects of writers, publishers,

          Printers, Christian books distributors, sellers and owners of newspapers, newsletters, periodicals, pamphlets,       magazines, calendars stationers and such like.

12.             To join or affiliate, to any Christian Body such as THE PENTECOSTALS COUNCIL OF TANZANIA (PCT) and any International Christian Organizations.


13.             To provide financial aid or grants, donations to the needy, missions, fellowships, especially those who are affiliated with RHM, including sponsoring conferences, public meetings such as open air meeting, seminars for the purposes of promoting good deeds as a Christian Society World-wide.


All in all the Evangelizing task is a proceeding task from one generation to the other, its is still a big task in our areas where most of the people are still holding their cultural beliefs and other social and economical difficulties makes it more difficulty.  An of a strong belief that if given such a support to fulfill that vision it will be it like planting type seed which will yield a lot of harvest and enrich a big number of people that is God is National


Boar Members


Vice President Pastor David Joseph Simbeye

Pastor Rose D. Simbeye

Treasury Mrs Anna C Msofe

Secretary Mr. Onesmo Monge

Assistance Secretary Mrs. Glory win Imanyi


Contract information:

Ruhama Healing Ministry

P.O Box 75025

Dar es Salaam


East Africa


Pastor David J.Simbeye Mob.0758928295 Email simbeye

Anna C Msofe Mob.0784489888, Email

Rose Simbeye Mob 0717213000, Email


Prepared by

Pastor David Joseph Simbeye