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Preparing for Success on the Outside


Preparing for Success on the Outside

By John Leonardson, MentorCare Ministries


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Based upon his extensive experience working with prisoners, John Leonardson has developed this four-month, pre-release course for inmates. The weekly course helps inmates to develop the skills and attitudes they will need to recover from the mistakes leading to their incarceration and make plans for their lives following their release from prison.  Major areas covered in the course are attitudes, finances, employment, and setting goals. 


This course is designed to be adaptable; instructors choose how to order the presentations of the materials. All materials needed to teach the course are included, including forms, suggested small group activities, and additional resources.  A supplementary CD containing forms and additional information is also available.


Why does FASTEN recommend this resource?


The best time for a prisoner to begin preparing for his transition back into his family and community is prior to his release.  This pre-release program, which received the Texas Governor’s award for Most Innovative Program, helps inmates to set realistic goals and make important attitude changes that will increase the likelihood that he will succeed following his release from prison.  Faith-based organizations interested in helping prisoners make a successful transition will find this curriculum valuable.



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