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Please do pray for our ministry

Welcome, Volunteers!
Medical, educational, and, agricultural volunteer opportunities in India with Christian

organization and Christian ministry.

Are You Interested in using your earned skills and God-given gifts to change lives in

other countries?

If you are a citizen of another country and you are going to visit India and if you

wanted to make your trip valuable please do visit our website at

If you are an American citizens who volunteer overseas and if your are a christian

organization who wants to tie up with another christian ministry in India please do mail

us our email id :, we really wanted to be friends with

you so that we all can help children and our fellow Christians in India you can educate

them treat them and share some love of Christ with them we really wish getting some mails

and inquiries regarding our vision

How does it Work

ilovejesusministries provides a way to serve Christ in India to partner organizations to

assist skilled Americans who wish to volunteer abroad. ilovejesusministries is a ministry

based in India Andhrapradesh we will provide you with the place you can stay and we will

be showing you the churches were you meet and greet and help the needy regarding their

educating teach them English and treat them if you are a doctor ,

For more information, please visit our site, or email us :