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My Sisters In Christ.......Are we......Passing the Truth...on to our girls.....?

Passing the Truth.....

Day in and day out, I pass the younger versions of ourselves, trying to create an identity out of looking like the latest fashion icon (within their financial portfolio), behaving in the manner of whoever the "It Girl" is at this current moment.  And striving to be known for being themselves while taking on the attributes of whoever is notorious for getting what she wants.



They have come to rely on the latest joint dropped fashion diva, slash dimepiece, beyonce good, shorty and what assets (physical measurements) she has to offer.  Beauty has become a second and quite possibly third to being seductive, sensual and flirty.  Matter of fact, if you polled most of our girls today, their concern would not be the condition of their heart, but how they could achieve their goals of being famous, having lots of cake and a body that causes men to scream.

We have deceived our girls into believing that their womanhood is measured by how sexually appealing they are, their professional success and material possessions, not so much by our words, but our actions.  We ourselves, (okay, not all of us, but most of us) bought this lie and find as we continue in years that this cannot be the priority that guides us.  But do we go share the truth, that brought us to our knees when we have ourselves have accepted this horrible, but necessary truth?....All to often, we continue the lie, or even at worse sit silently, while we watch our girls fight to obtain the very thing that at some point will consume them, confuse them and eventually refuse them.

Afterall, wearing gold don't make you gold....Does it really matter to have or to have the appearance of having it all.....when you don't like yourself?  Accessories are just that, additions to something...or in this case... someone.  But when it comes to the true character and nature of yourself, can you see the beauty that dwells within you?  And can you convey that through the expression of your daily life?

Now be honest, if we are told we have nice legs, immediately, how be it subconciously, we begin buying and wearing that which shows our legs off.  

Don't we want for ourselves and our girls to have an appeal that is derived from the goodness of heart?  Years down the road, we would rather be known for our accomplishments, in our Houses of Worship, in the community and/or workplace, not for being a good lay.  Or causing some male to become sexually stimulated by our appearance.  No one is coming to visit you in the nursing home when you are 90 years old, because you had a nice butt when you were 17.

We have bought the leis of the media, fashion, etertainment and marketing industries and we have passed this on to our girls.  At some point, we must begin sharing the simple Biblical truths with our girls, out of our love for them, ourselves and our adoration for our God.  Not in a know it all, let me tell you somethin' child.....attitude....But out of a common place we all exist ....but often neglect....the beauty and grace God, our Heavenly Father created us in.

My Sisters, let's explore the Word of God and embrace a give Zoe (life) to our girls...and quite possibly, they will avoid some, maybe not all, but some choice that could rob them of the very beauty God created them in.