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Ministry Vision Team

Ministry Vision Team

Who should be on the Ministry Vision Team?

In some churches, the church council or other governing body can provide a ready-made team. In other contexts, it is better to start from scratch. Ideally, the team should blend clergy/staff and lay/non-staff persons. Not every church leader needs to be part of the team, and not everyone on the team needs to be in church leadership. Prospective team members are more likely to join if they are personally invited, and told why their particular gifts or experiences are valued. Encourage people to pray about their participation, so they are not just saying yes to you but to God. Leading Congregational Change suggests looking for these qualities:

  • Diversity reflecting the make-up of the congregation.
  • Standing in the congregation - members who are respected for their wisdom, maturity, influence, and fair-mindedness.
  • Spiritual maturity.
  • Ability to make a meaningful contribution.
  • Willing to support the right changes - neither "perpetual naysayers" nor "those who always vote with the pastor."

Keep an ear out for people who say, "I have this idea for a ministry outreach ..." or "Why isn't the church doing more XYZ?" or "It's terrible to see so much such-and-such happening in the community." These are the people to whom you can say, "How would you like to be part of the solution?" What do Ministry Vision Team members do?

Specific assignments will vary from church to church, but in general, team members try to commit to:

  • Meet together to pray, share information and ideas, discuss ministry goals,discern the church's next steps, and plan specific ministry proposals.
  • Help to carry out ministry development activities (e.g. a community study).
  • Review the self-description, self-assessment and community study reports.
  • Practice personal devotions - study, prayer, and journaling on holistic ministry.
  • Care for one another holistically - i.e., spiritually, emotionally, materially.
  • Attend the retreat, holistic ministry Bible study, and ministry celebration worship service, if the church organizes these events.
  • Read selections of books on holistic ministry like Churches That Make a Difference or other materials that the team agrees on.

We suggest holding a commissioning service for the newly formed Ministry Vision Team, with prayers for their insight, perseverance, unity, compassion, and vision. This also provides an opportunity to formally present the team to the congregation.