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Ministry Participation Survey

Survey Directions

This tool provides an overview of the congregation’s availability, interest, and resources for service. This information can be useful as part of the process of exploring ongoing ministry options after the Faith in Action campaign.

The survey can be adapted to solicit feedback on specific ministry proposals. You can also ask for a more detailed inventory of skills and availability related to a particular ministry (for example, home repair or tutoring).

One suggestion is to hand out the survey immediately following or during a worship service (doing it during the offering time would underscore the concept of offering our time and talents to God through ministry), and allow time for people to fill them out and turn them in. They can also be completed during the Sunday school hour, or distributed to participants at the last Faith in Action small group.

Recruit individuals to organize the information after the forms are collected, and write a report that summarizes the findings. Use the survey to create a database of volunteer information which can be updated as needed.

Adapted with permission from Becoming a Church That Makes a Difference CD-ROM, by Heidi Unruh and Phil Olson (Word & Deed Network, 2006),

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