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"Lord, Where is my Creativity?"

If your a designer like me, you may experience this question very often, “Lord, Where is my creativity?”

As a designer you are usually required and expected to have a good, creative, and imaginative mind, but that’s not always every designers strong area. Yes, sometimes you have a splurge of creativity flowing in your brain whenever your pushed or under pressure working on a project, but what about when your project is done, and there is no project…..what would you do then to spark your creative flow?

A guest speaker, Julio Melera, spoke at my church this weekend about living in overflow. He spoke about Lack and Overflow, two major issues everyone in this world struggles with today, especially Christians.

For us designers who Lack a creative mindset and get caught with our hands on our heads just staring at the pencil and paper, or computer screen, we need to remember who gives us that creativity. God.

The one thing I realize is when I take focus off of the issue with my creative block and re-focus my issue on my life with Christ and what he does in and through me, I can then begin to gain that creative flow I need. Jesus gives us tons of help in our daily lives, whether it’s something as simple as helping our creative mind go. God is the master of Creativity. He created each and every person separate and different from one another. He created the earth, stars, and the universe and in the bible it states that we are each created in His own image, giving us that same creativity that flows through Him.

That is an Overflowing characteristic living in each and every one of us, the very humans He created. So, by living the life pleasing to God, you can give that same creativity from God to your projects in school, at work, when discussing an idea for a new ministry, business, or coming up with new ways to keep your house clean. God’s characteristics never diminish, His love, mercy and forgiveness is everlasting, as well as his amazing creativity.

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