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Life is Always Better AFTER Christmas

I am so relieved that Christmas is over. The boys had such a hard time coping with the past shooting right to the surface and overtaking their thoughts. They really gave us a run for our money for a while there. Now we are settling into our new routine. The boys are back in public school for the time being, allowing me a much needed break from wearing so many hats in their lives. It is such a relief to be able to be just their mom and not have to be their teacher and their friend and their therapist 24/7. They are enjoying their new schools and are adjusting fairly well. T tested at grade level in writing this week and I couldn't have been prouder. Last year at this time T could hardly write a complete sentence and what he did write, you couldn't read. His spelling was incredibly poor and his motivation was non-existent. To see that he had improved so much was amazing. There are so many difficult times when you are dealing with kids who have been through so much trauma. Often times you look at yourself in the mirror and wonder where you went, how you got so lost in all of the junk your kids are facing. The emotional stress of it all can make you wonder if you'll ever climb out of the pit you're in. But then there are these moments, the ones where you realize that you have made a difference in the life of this child that you so adore, and suddenly you understand that all the pain was worth the effort. The moments are small and you may have to wait a long time between each one but progress is being made, their hearts are healing. I pray that T's moments of success grow closer together and increase in frequency. I pray that each day brings him new hope that he can have a wonderful life and can overcome his past. Regardless of how long it takes to get to our next moment of progress, it all will be worth it just to see this son of mine grow into a man and find his own path with the Lord. Speaking of moments of hope and joy, T recently accepted Christ! What can be more joyful than that? So off we go on this new journey with our beautiful son and O what a journey it will be!