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A Kairos Moment : Leadership & Purpose in Today's New World

[img_assist|nid=77527|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=100|height=63]I’m looking for a leader, are you qualified or looking? As a new Bostonian resident working in a new field, the non-profit sector, it’s been a difficult task sorting through all the applicants.

Having so many hopeful leaders has been rare, because as I grow older (yes 24!) and develop my character, blossoming in my Christian faith and entering the corporate world, the choices among the trained and deserving have been slim. With passions including sports and fashion, I find that athletes are engrossed in scandals and beauty kings and queens appear to be weightless with no morals or hips. Sadly, I have had to create a leader in my own imagination or chose to ignore their flawed presentation.

I’m happy that my new passion includes ministry, where a whole new spectrum of great leaders has been presented. As an attendee at Greater Boston Interfaith Organization (GBIO) event, I had the privilege of hearing Rev. Liz Walker speak on the topic “Leadership & Purpose in Today’s New World.”

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This leadership I seek goes beyond race, yet for those celebrating Black History Month, Ms. Liz Walker deserves recognition for her diligent work, clear vision and strong faith as a world and local leader within the African American community.

“Leadership involves taking action—being proactive—and it must be from the heart,” said Walker sharing the need for passion, shying away from solely economic and political motivation. “It’s always an inside job, finding motivation within.

” Rev. Liz Walker, a humanitarian and veteran journalist in the Boston area, was a TV anchor for 20 years at WBZ-TV (Channel 4), later stepping down to enter seminary at Harvard Divinity School. She had the desire to pursue ministry for a variety of reasons, mainly after traveling to Sudan to investigate the genocidal slave trade in southern Sudan. She is now the co-founder and visionary of “My Sister’s Keeper,” a grassroots nonprofit dedicated to building girls’ schools K-8 in Sudan. The program focuses on education, while also building relationships and forming a human and spiritual bond with the girls.

“It’s never just about them, their problem. It is about us!” said Walker. “There is always a connection, and leadership is about making it work.”

Unfortunately in today’s corporate world, there is little or no cover or apologizing after mistakes are made and no one can assign blame to the needs in our nation and around the world. This corporate condition can result in losing trust. Leaders today must strive towards accountability and building trust and connections.

Walker believes her success and testimony as a leader had to with taking a risk and learning how to balance those risks. Walker believes there is a new paradigm for leadership in these new times, although it may include stepping outside our comfort zone or pledging a new commitment.

“We are in a KAIROS moment,” said Walker. “The universe is right and ripe for change. How are we going to seize the moment?”

In theology, Kairos is used to describe the qualitative form of time, whereas in rhetoric Kairos is, "a passing instant when an opening appears which must be driven through with force if success is to be achieved.”

In the New Testament, Kairos means "the appointed time in the purpose of God." Essentially it is the time when God acts. Mark 1:15 states, “The time has come," said Jesus. "The kingdom of God is near. Repent and believe the good news!" John the Baptist has paved the way for the message and been sent to Prison, but this imprisonment doesn’t withhold the faith of Christ; it is an opportune time for Jesus’ leadership and desire to share the message, given to him by God. Jesus travels the distance to Galilee, believing the Kairos has been fulfilled.

I challenge you to make yourself aware of the Kairos moment we live in. It is a difficult task to be right with God and have the strength and faith to act on God’s will, but it will develop your leadership skills while prospering in today’s new world .