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Just Neighbors


Just Neighbors

(Family Promise, 2003)


Resource Type:  Small group curriculum on issues of social justice, poverty, and urban outreach.  9 sections make it a suitable 9-week or 9-month course, but it could also be used at a retreat/conference setting.


Main Audience: Small groups of 12-16 adults or teens that want to learn about the poor and what they can do to help


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This curriculum is an introduction to many of the issues surrounding poverty. The nine lessons include such topics as

o        The financial issues at work in a typical low-income family,

o        The problems with employment & housing among low-income families,

o        Racism and prejudice issues,

o        The issues of children in poverty, and

o        How participants can and should react and get involved.


A facilitator’s guide is included, providing background information, handouts, and a breakdown of each session.  The curriculum includes videos, discussions, role-playing, statistics and background information, resources for further research, and action steps participants can take.  Participants will gain knowledge of both individual stories of poverty as well as broader issues such as system injustice and institutional racism. 


This curriculum is an excellent way to begin a small group or congregational outreach project, recruit volunteers for an existing project, or simply raise congregational awareness of and involvement in the greater community.  It is accessible and interesting but also reveals the complexity of the issues and challenges participants to ongoing action.


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