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Just a Few Words about a Few Things (by Daniel E. Harmon)

What if I were to tell you I will give you a million dollars? Yep, I’ll put it in your hands, and you can spend it however you would like! And what is the price to you? The only thing you have to do is touch your nose for an hour. Sounds crazy, huh? Sure, but what if I was serious about it?

My friends, I have some good news for you. I may not be serious about the million dollars, but God is! God has told us he will give us a gift better than the million dollars, and all we have to do is ASK Christ for the gift. And instead of touching your nose for an hour, God only asks that you obey His LAW.

That’s right! The gift of everlasting life, free from all of our shortcomings has been promised to us all! Christ has paid the price for our shortcomings and all we have to do is accept the gift. We were all born sinners from sin which has been passed down from Adam & Eve. God sent His son, Jesus Christ, to pay the price for those sins. And our gift is everlasting life in heaven.

Stop…Have you ever heard those words written in the last few sentences? Sure, we all have. But what do they mean? God literally loved us so much that He allowed His son to be murdered on the cross by humans, which He created, to descend into Hell and defeat Satan. Christ, which had not sinned, allowed Himself to be killed by those he was destined to save! Can anyone comprehend such a thing? And why did He do this? So we could be offered a gift in which we do not deserve!

I want to start this portion of this article by saying I am not perfect. Though I have tried to separate sin from my life, I sometimes find myself dealing with the same sinful issues. Though I design intelligent ways to avoid sinful patterns, like many of us, I still struggle with sin.

In life, we are all taught that nothing comes without its price. We learn to base our decisions on whether the price is too high or whether the benefit of the product is too low. But it seems like today, people think that the price of being a Christian is too high! God has given us very simple rules on how we should conduct our lives, yet we deliberately break his rules. We allow others to persuade us to abandon those rules because of what we want. We continually take part in sinful patterns we know will lead to more sin.

I want to take this time to get serious. God will not be mocked. God is our father, protector, and provider, but God will not be made to look like a fool. He is a perfect God, and therefore cannot allow us to continue to live sinfully. Are there things in your life you know to be a sin, or a temptation to sin, which God has commanded us to stay away from? Are there patterns of behaviors God has condemned in which we continue to indulge? God will not bless you or your life if these things persist. God may be a loving, caring God, but He despises sin. Will you continue in your sin and test God?

Some of you reading these words will not heed the warning, though you have been told of God’s law. Many of you will continue to live in sin, believing God is blind and foolish. I challenge you to put down your sinful patterns and temptations to sin. Flee from the appearance of unrighteousness and wickedness. We have all sinned, but only the truly foolish will continue to test God’s resolve. Stand up for God or sit down with Satan. Stand up for God or sit down with the world. Stand up for God or fall like Satan. Stand up for God or fall like the world. Stand up for God or fall with the rest of the world. The time is now!