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David in the Bible encouraged himself in the Lord when his own members turned against him in 1 Samuel 30:6. I know that feeling well. For David, the members were soldiers who were supposedly on his team fighting the same enemy. In my case, it is often the very members of my body---my mind, my eyes, my lips, my hands etc---mounting up and turning on me. My thoughts will be discouraging, my vision will be blurry, my lips will speak negative words and my hands will be ready to throw in the towel. Thanks be to God, I have learned how to wage a war against my own members and in the process encourage myself. My war strategy comes from Psalms 63:2-7. When David found himself in need in this psalm, the first adjustment he made was in his vision. In verse 2 he turned his eyes to God to see God's power and glory. Turning my eyes away from my circumstances and onto my glorious, powerful God always works for me too. Next David adjusts his lips and acknowledges that God's lovingkindness is better than life. It's a declaration that should be on all of our lips all of the time. It is a negativity prevention device that works. By the time David gets to verse 4, his body is starting to line up and he declares that he will bless the Lord while he lives. That little clause 'while I live' sends a message to his body parts that he's going to live and not die. Hands hear the message and respond by lifting up. It's on now, and in verse 5 David is satisfied to the bone and he has the cooperation of the body member that can make or break us. Solomon warns us that death and life are in the power of the tongue (Proverbs 18:21) and David heeds that word. What's more, David understands that what we do habitually impacts us. Everytime he lays down or is engaged in a night watch, he has to fix his mind and meditate on on the one who is his eternal help. I love the 7th verse because it says to me that because God has been my help, I can rejoice in the shadow of His wings. That sounds like a resting place to me. As soon as I allow God to lead me to that place, all body parts are at ease and focused, not on need, but on Him who is my supply. I am encouraged in my whole body and if you do the same you will be too.