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Honoring Ted Kennedy (a supporter of TechMission)

Ted Kennedy, 77, Senator of Massachusetts, died Tuesday of brain cancer but left a legacy of public service and fighting for justice, aligned with the core values of TechMission and "connecting people to the poor."

When asked "Where does this rabid concern about poverty come from?" Kennedy said, "Have you never read the New Testament?"

Kennedy has been a past supporter of TechMission providing a letter of support for funding in the past (see Kennedy's Support Letter below).

 In addition Kennedy wrote the beginning legislation that established AmeriCorps and the Corporation for National and Community Service which funds TechMission Corps.

 “Senator Kennedy had a special place in his heart for national and community service, born out of his family’s commitment to public service,” said Alan Solomont Board Chair of CNCS.

In April, President Obama signed the largest federal expansion of national service since the New Deal, The Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act, named to honor the hero of the service movement for more than 40 years.

“The most significant source of increased resources to grassroots organizations for the next several years will come from the recent passage of the Serve America Act,” said Andrew Sears Executive Director of TechMission. “In 2009-10 to TechMission Corps will expand from 40 to 60 members who will serve at 45 Sites in Boston, Los Angeles, Chicago and Denver, representing a coalition of after-school programs that can bring systemic change to urban centers.”  

Kennedy also helped with crucial equality legislation over the decades, fighting to pass the Civil Rights Act, Immigration & Nationality Act, National Cancer Act, Americans with Disabilities Act, No Child Left Behind and Minimum wage increase in 2007. 

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