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Growing and Being Challenged...

I guess sometimes you really do have to be taken out of your comfort zone in order to realize the reality of seeing a bigger picture. Today I had a lot of time to reflect on the power of prayer. I am so glad to know that I can talk to God and trust Him with everything. I am glad that He is bigger than me and He is great in power and grace.
I am ready to humble myself and say that I have always wanted to go do missions in a different country. For some reason I wasn't really willing to look at the fact that maybe America had some of its own issues that needed help. I have been in California for a little over a week but I have quickly realized that the world is a lot bigger than it seems and that there are a lot more issues here than we think. We think in America we have freedom and we have money. In reality we have freedom, chaos, functional slavery, and poverty. We just seem to do a better job at hiding it in the media. I am sad that I have been so blind to it for so long, but I am glad to know that I can learn about it now.

God is really beginning to show me that it really isn't my plans that make the difference in my life, but that it is His plans that make the difference in my life. I have seen God work in the midst of a lot of things and I know He can and will work in the midst of this summer. Praise God for the opportunity to get uncomfortable, find my cross, pick it up, and follow Jesus.

-Amanda, CSM Los Angeles City Host Summer 2008