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Good Samaritan Ministries Mentoring Instructor Training Manual


Good Samaritan Ministries Mentoring Instructor Training Manual

To order, contact Good Samaritan Ministries at 616-392-7159




This manual is a comprehensive guide to a training course designed to teach individuals to mentor.  The manual begins with Good Samaritan’s philosophy about the value of mentoring the poor.  Based both on scriptural principles and studies of charity work, Good Samaritan's belief is that that mentoring provides the role models and emotional support necessary for individuals in poverty to turn their lives around. 


The manual then goes through the basic issues that mentors will need to understand before taking on any mentoring relationship:


·                  economic  and cultural diversity,

·                  confidentiality,

·                  caring vs. curing,

·                  safety precautions,

·                  empowering vs. enabling, and

·                  incident reporting and mandatory reporting laws.


The authors encourage mentors-to-be to be honest with themselves as they think through these issues, readying themselves to handle issues they may never have encountered before.  The authors stress that these are issues everyone must face before mentoring-–for example, all of us are prejudiced.  This training is not designed to judge mentors for their prejudices but to make them aware of them and to help them begin to embrace a more Biblical worldview. 


The manual also guides mentors-to-be to develop skills they will need in mentoring, such as problem-solving, confronting, motivating, listening, caring, and empowering.


The manual provides many activities for the training group to perform together.  Some of these activities are designed to help the mentors tackle the tough personal issues, such as prejudice or boundaries.  Others involve practice scenarios similar to those they may encounter with their mentees, helping the trainees to prepare the more practical skills they will need. 


The manual includes the instructor's manual, the participant's manual, lesson plans, tips for training mentors, and sample forms. It is available for purchase for $170 from Good Samaritan.


Why does FASTEN recommend this resource?


This manual is simple to read and understand yet covers a wide variety of issues and topics that aspiring mentors need to work through.  It provides helpful tips and guidance for the instructors, as well as a wealth of information for the mentors.  Through this course, mentors-to-be can prepare themselves to build meaningful relationships with people in poverty – relationships that have the power to be life-changing for both mentor and mentee.

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