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"Give" is a four letter word."

Perhaps one of the hardest things for which to raise money is humanity.

People love to save whales, trees, spotted owls and an entire host of variables. Yet you tell them about people who are starving and so many times you will hear. "that's a shame".

Now of course I am plugging my own cause of which I am very interested in seeing succeed but this really does apply to all such causes.

I had a big treat yesterday. I had a Starbucks coffee and a sandwich on a bagel. It cost 250 pesos! that was around 4 bucks. It is a big deal for me and actually I did not know it would be so high or I would not have purchased it. Yet It caused me to think about how many people have the resources to go into a Starbucks or any such place and without checking their financial resources, buy a cup of coffee. Some of you might be saying, "well yeah, duh!" Yet if I had as many people who read my stuff go to: and sign up for a monthly deduction of only $5 from their debit or credit card, many of the problems here would be addressed.

Maybe it is because many people do not know who to trust. I agree that is a huge problem. It is so easy to check our information. if you go to: you will get the facts. If you go to: and click on The box with the picture of the little girl which reads, "Photos" it will bring you to our multiply site and you will see almost 4,000 photos of what we do and how we do it. If you click "Updates" on the menu bar you will be able to see our diary for the three years we have been here.

Everything we do, we document because we know it is important to see how your money is making a difference. There are also plenty of other references which can be given to you if required.

We came here three years ago and up until a generous supporter gave us a washing machine. Prior to that, we washed the clothes by hand. We still don't have an oven and so nothing is baked, broiled or roasted and everything is cooked on a two burner , counter top stove.

We are Yankees in a tropical climate yet we have no A/C. All you Californians, could you picture that?

I don't tell you that so you can feel sorry for us (of course if that motivates you I will tell you more) We have been praying for three years for a camera. A generous supporter bought a motorcycle for me yet we are praying for a vehicle for the entire family. Right now, almost every pair of pants I own has patches on it. My youth Pastor needs a computer for the ministry.

I tell you all this so you will know that your money is not going to support someones lavish lifestyle. We live in a donated house but we never know when that graciousness will expire and we will have to look for a home.

Yesterday I went to look at a condominium. I did it just for kicks. I loved it. The price was $120,000. In America it would be a great deal but with no salary, how could I pay for it?

With all this in mind. Knowing that we are working to change lives here in Payatas and are willing and have been suffering for the cause, why don't you sign up with us for $5 per month?

Just go here: , click the $5 box and your good to go.

I hope you will check out our sites and see the good work of which you can take part.