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February 13-16 National Faith Prayer Vigils

Advocates for immigrants and immigration reform for the 21st Century will call for prayer vigils and in-district visits to members of congress in a call to prioritize immigration reform in the 111th congress in 2009.

Just a few months ago Christian advocates of immigration reform believed that the political environment in the country would make it very difficult to make the legislative changes necessary to provide relief to out-of-status immigrants to the US. These changes to the law would be required to give even the most hard working and conscientiously law-abiding immigrants an opportunity to seek legal status. Some have said that significant progress can and will be made by Thanksgiving 2009.

Congress needs to know that there are people of faith who's faith calls for treatment of immigrants that is consistent with justice, truth and the fact that we are all made in the image of our creator and have value.

Watch this space for more ideas about how to host a prayer vigil in your church, bible study, college/university campus, community and how approach your member of congress with an effective statement for immigration that is informed by your faith.

Please feel free to comment here with your own ideas and tell others what you plan to do.