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"Faith Fighter" - Sacrilegious or Social Commentary?

Normally, I'm not one to post blog entries at I'm more of a behind the scenes person, populating the homepage with helpful and interesting links for people interested in social justice. However, I've had to take to my personal blog for the following issue instead of just posting a link on the homepage, because this is something that affected me very personally. So, with that said:

This morning, I was looking for articles to post on the homepage when I came across this article on Religious Groups Outraged by Online Game. As a gamer, I instantly cringed. "Here we go again", I thought. Throughout the history of video and online gaming, there has always been some religious group that had some problem with some aspect of some game, whether it be "Mortal Combat", "Grand Theft Auto", "Harry Potter"...the list goes on and on and on. Reading on, I learned that this was more an unified effort from groups from several religions, all upset at Molleindustria's online game "Faith Fighters". According to the article on, the game "allows players to pit various deities against one another in Mortal Kombat-style action." Whoa! I was instantly offended. The thought of Jesus Christ doing "Finish Him!" moves on Buddah, the idea of watching blood and organs spewing from Allah...totally disgusted me. Yet, I was intrigued and visited the "Faith Fighter" website to see if it was that serious.

Of course, it wasn't.

Comparing this game to Mortal Combat is like comparing Mario Cart Wii to Twisted Metal. Sure, Faith Fighter is a fighting game, but no where near the gore and carnage that was implied by the GamePolitics article. After reading another article on the situation by the UKs Metro, I had had enough and went straight to the source - Molleindustria. Based in Italy, they actually released a statement about the whole situation and published it on their website. Basically, from what I read, the media has totally blown the whole situation up and even went as far as to create false information just to make Mollindustria look more controversial.

So, what's the point? 

Basically, it seems that in today's society, everything is something HUGE. Everything has to be a sensationalized, emotion-evoking story that causes people to get up in arms about something. As Christians, we have to realize that people are going to continue to see Christians as old-school, closed-minded, "everything-bashers" if we aren't able to look at things objectively. Being so quick to judge or get offended only builds news barriers that have to be broken down before we can ever become the global society that we aspire to be. I guess that's it. You can't have an open heart without an open mind.