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"Even so, Lord, come": Thoughts on Advent

Originally written: December 4, 2006

Pastor Rick Downs preached a great sermon on an even greater passage, Isaiah 11:1-10.

"'"Consider the goodness and severity of God (Paul in Romans)."' Both should continually be on our minds.'" (Stott)

"'There is nothing more important about you than your idea of God.'" (Tozer)

More from Pastor Rick: "It [Isaiah 11] is not historical language; it's more poetic. I'm not asking you to follow along in your Bible, just listen to and see if it resonates with you....So often we make eternal decisions based on slivers of temporal concern."

And in the prayer session for our church before, Zechariah was quoted again (even as I quoted it to my supervisor earlier in the week): "Thus says the Lord to Zerubbabbel, 'Not by words, or by human power, but by My Spirit.'"

"And the Spirit will rest upon Him..."

I am waiting for the Day.

Also read Joel Garver's Advent 1 reflections. Interesting - both the Revised Common Lectionary and the cycle Pastor Rick's using quoted prophecies pf the Branch on this first Sunday of the season. And we are still looking for that Branch, in His Second Coming.

"But who may abide the Day of His Coming? For He is like a refiner's fire...and He shall purify the sons of Levi, that they may present an offering in righteousness." (My favorite part of the Messiah.)

"For in every place incense, and a pure offering, will be made unto My Name. For I will be great among the nations."

"Bring back our captivity, like streams from the South."