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Direction Reflection

It's funny how things can be so simple, but if you don't look closely miss them. One such example comes with the FedEx logo. This was pointed out to me not too long ago, and I've never been able to look at the logo the same way since! Be forewarned, this may alter the viewing of this logo for you too. Next time you see one, check the white space between the E and the x. You'll notice an arrow that is pointing to the right! If you're like me and never knew that existed, you've just had your perspective changed. Such was the case for me during our debriefing session last Wednesday.

Our group hauled all 49 members to a bleacher area along the Schuylkill River. This river hosts many regatta races for the local universities, and this spot is one place for bystanders to take in the race. It also provided us with a great view as the sun set over the river. As dusk set in, we spent time in worship and sharing of our experiences from the day. The group from Atlanta, GA gave their kids a chance to share funny moments, things that moved them, or ways they saw Jesus in the city that day.

During one of the worship songs, one of the kids in my group, Trevor, leaned over to me and said, "Do you see the arrow?" I looked where he was pointing and immediately saw what he was referencing. At the angle we were sitting, the bridge created the image of an arrow pointing straight up. Being that it was a clear day, the water of the Schuylkill reflected the image almost perfectly below, pointing in the opposite direction.

What better illustration for the choice we have to follow Jesus? The arrow pointing upward was unwavering, strong, and undoubtedly the original image. The reflection in the water was blurry due to the rippling effect of the water. It was similar to the other arrow, but not nearly as perfect. If you had a choice, would you stand on the bridge, or on the water? The answer might be obvious, but how often do we rely on things that make us feel safe and secure, rather than the solid, unwavering rock we have in our Savior? If one were to attempt to stand on the reflection of the arrow, it would disappear and the person would plunge into the Schuylkill. Such is the same for us should we choose to hold fast to the things of this world. We would quickly begin our plunge into sin and debauchery.

What a blessing it is to know that when we do fall for the reflection and plunge into sin, God provides ways for us to swim out of it! Thanks to Jesus, none of us are forced to suffer the eternal punishment of drowning in our own sin. One must make the choice to swim, however. We all are given the choice not only to swim, but to teach others how as well. We serve a God who walked on water; facing sin and conquering it for us all!

Up or down? Sink or swim? The choices seem pretty easy. It's time to start making them look that way!

-Tim, CSM Philly City Host Summer 2008