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Creativity in Your Context: Bagged Lunch and a Drop of Oil, Multiplying Re$ources for Urban Ministry, IV

What is your creative context?

+ What constraints make your situation formless, empty and dark?

• Formless: Building from scratch. Dysfunctional community, families, culture, churches. Broken lives.
• Empty: Insufficient funding, space, equipment, staff
• Dark: Confusion. No direction.

+ What evidence of the “Spirit’s hovering” do you see present in your situation? Share with your neighbor some of the assets that exist…

• In your youth & families
• In your neighborhood
• In your leaders
• In your own family

+ How have you responded to His Spirit? What words are you speaking?

• Look back at the assets/resources that you listed above. Are you encouraged by what you listed?
• Can your kids and other leaders sense how you’re feeling?
• Are your words bringing life or death?

Process Steps

• Turn the lights on.
Assess current realities. Educate; study; relate.

• Establish horizon; vision cast. The “sky” was/is God’s limit.
You need to lead with a vision. The workshop from Chaos to Clarity is perfect to help you build the vision to lead your ministry. A vision can make a dark situation look bright.

• Rearrange existing resources and prepare environment for sustainable growth. What’s already in your hand?
What leaders do you have? What does your facility look like? Who is in your community?

• Establish measurements and methods for evaluating milestones.
Set some goals to meet, so you know that you are moving forward.

• Allow for God’s provision
Pray and ask God to guide you, but also do not be afraid to ask people to help. Now is a great time for you to share some examples from your own ministry and life when God led you to find resources in some unlikely places.

• Reproduce leaders and multiply yourself
People are the greatest resources and young people are a great part of that! Relationships are what will allow your ministry to grow and reach the vision. How do you recruit more mentors? How do you find new students that will catch the vision?

• Rest
Take time out.

Next Morsel: Tools for the Process