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A Child Can be Born in Your Heart

I am 27 years old. My son is nearly 12. I was not a teen mom. In fact, I married at 24 and T, my sweet boy, was born to me at 26. Our adoption worker defined it as a chemical adoption. It is the term he uses for the phenomenon that happens when a woman sees a child and instantly becomes his mother. Really, when one thinks about it, that is how biological families work. That small baby is placed in his mother's arms and instantly, at first sight of him, she becomes his mother. No one thought it was possible for us to love a child who was not "our own", let alone a child who was 11 years old. Most people thought we were certifiable. But we knew from the beginning that God was calling us to children who had been left behind, the unwanted. I knew that I could love these children with everything I had in me, and more. So when I saw T sitting in the passenger seat of that Geo Tracker, I knew he was mine. I hadn't heard his voice, or touched his sweet face, but I knew instantly that a child was born into my life. T was "my own" and crazy or not, I was bringing him home. Today, nearly a year later, I sit here and write as my sweet boy breathes the gentle breaths of sleep. He is growing so fast and I can already see him becoming a man. He truly is my light in a dark world. He brings joy and love that can't be imagined by one who is not a mother. He often drives me nuts and challenges me beyond what I thought I could handle but even in that, he brings me blessing after blessing. I can't remember what my life was like before T. All I know is I don't want to go back there. You see, T has been orphaned many times by many people. With each new home and each new mom, there was an end, a loss. He told me the other day that he was pretty sure he had lived in about a million houses and the truth is he has. Nine homes in 11 years really is about a million. Each day is spent trying to convince him that this is his last home, that I am his mom for life. God calls each of us to care for the orphans. He doesn't make exceptions or instruct us further. We are just to care for them. Period. He tells us that what we do to the least of these has been done to Him. Children across the country are being abandoned, mistreated, left behind, forgotten and we have excuse after excuse to push that out of our minds and ignore the problem. To me, there is always room for one more child as long as there are children who are being forgotten. If you think you have reasons to look away, consider this: My husband, Nathan, and I were 26 years old when we adopted T. On the day we met T, Nathan had been home from a two year deployment to Iraq for just four months. Those four months were the longest stretch we had ever spent together. We had just enough money to pay our bills. As we were in the process of visiting T, Nathan was diagnosed with PTSD and TBI from his time in combat. Absolutely all the reasons one could have to avoid this child were present in our lives but we did it anyway. God doesn't give you things you can do on your own. He gives you challenges you can only do with Him as your Helper and Counselor and Guide. He asks you to trust Him and be dependent on Him. There are no excuses for pushing these children out of your mind. Bring them to the surface. Go to and print off the picture of a child that catches your attention. Hang that picture on your fridge. Pray for that child whenever you see his precious face. Make foster children real to you. Give them a face and a name and then ask yourself if you are willing to let God birth a child in your heart.